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Spray Tanning

For those who need an immediate tan, or wish to stay away from UV light, Bellevue Tanning uniquely offers two ways to achieve a realistic looking UV- Free Spray Tan.

Norvell Smart Booth Personal Air Brush Spray Tanning

Norvell Smart Booth

norvell boothAs the first salon in Tennessee to acquire this new innovation, Bellevue Tanning is excited to introduce the much anticipated state-of-the-art Norvell Smart Booth.

It is an Award Winning Spray Tanning design which virtually simulates a handheld air-brush spraying session. It features internal automated voice instructions, a heated environment, three levels of darkness, choice of clear or bronzing solution, a music player port, requires only two standing positions, and needs virtually no drying time.

Watch the spray arm move while you stay put in an open, non-claustrophobic environment using exclusive Norvell spray solution – iNTELLiSPRAY™- which is the first of its kind combination solution with built-in pH prep spray. Your tan will look natural, last for about a week, and will fade away gradually, much like a regular tan.

Want to try it for yourself? Click on the photo of the dog Tanner for a special introductory offer!

Click on Tanner!Here are some answers to common questions, and tips to aid your spray session.

  • For best results, exfoliate your skin before your session, wear loose fitting clothing, and do not shower or bath for at least four hours once your session is complete.
  • What is provided? The salon will provide barrier cream which can be applied to any parts of the body that you do not wish to tan, such as your palms or in-between your toes; a bonnet to cover your hair; and sticky feet, which protects the bottom of your feet from getting too dark.
  • Is the solution safe? Yes. It is a sugar base DHA solution which mixes with your own body chemistry and will darken over the first few hours after application. It will also wash easily out of clothing.
  • How long will it last? Your tan will last 7 days or longer! Exfoliating your skin prior to application, not showering for at least 4 hours afterwards, and keeping your skin moisturized, will extend your tan!

Personal Air Brush Spray Tanning


For the best results possible, make an appointment for a personal Air Brush Spray Tan which is performed by one of our certified Air Brush technicians.

This process, which uses the same DHA sugar base solution, can be more exacting, smoother, and more individually tailored to a client’s needs. We can spray different parts of the body lighter, heavier, or even use a Level-2 darker solution to customize your spray.

Air Brushing is also the best choice for those who wish to ensure a more even, smooth tan. Inspect your tan before you go, and we will perform touch-ups for free. Our goal is to make sure you are happy with your tan.

We now offer three levels of Air Brush Tanning:Click on Tanner!

Complete Full Body: $36.95
Partial Body: $19.95
Face: $12.95

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